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  1. Arcade Video Games.
    The beginnings of video games

    As my Bachelor's degree project I researched, wrote and designed a book about – as the title suggests – the beginnings of video games. 

    Visually, publication strongly resembles the styles in graphic design of 70's and 80's, as well as the world of machines and computers.

  2. Due to the usage of the Gridnik typeface in the titles, the book gains a slightly technical, computer-like character and thanks to the rich and colourful layout, consisting of – amongst variety of other elements - original advertisement flyers and posters, screen captures from the games themselves, vector representations of various video game characters and carefully recreated game titles, the book holds its light and playful topic.

    Each spread was thoughtfully designed to be the best representation of each game – of its heroes, its story, original colours and so on. All pages were created using shared, universal grid, but thanks to the manipulation of text and illustrations, each spread looks completely different and fresh.

  3. The book comes with two special elements.

    The first of them is a set of three posters, representing probably the most well known video game characters of all time - Donkey Kong, Mario and Pac-Man.

    The second element is a surprise - sound module hid inside of the book. What and when does it play? 
    It's only to be discovered by the reader.