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  1. Stories about madness

    Three different stories, each telling about a different kind of madness:

    Signs and Symbols, V. Nabokov
    Red Crown, M. Bulgakov
    Black Cat, E. A. Poe.

    Atmosphere of each story has been amplified by using a different typographic grid, varying typography and type size. Additionally, fragments of the stories are intermingling. The key to reading them in the right order is discovering a colour code that has been used in this publication - each story is printed on a specific colour paper: white, yellow and grey. 

  2. Due to this fact, the book which seems completely illegible at first, when being decyphered gains sense. It mirrors how "mad" people are seen by the society: their actions are perceived as chaotic, even though they more often than not make perfect sense to that particular person. 

    Stories are illustrated with inkblots inspired by the Rorschach test.

    Pracownia Projektowania Typografii dr hab. Artura Frankowskiego
    Design Department, ASP in Warsaw